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Instantaneous Simulation Results as Models Are Outlined and Edited. With Creo Simulation Live Training, you get instant results on your design layout selections in your CAD environment as you work. You now do not have to guess at how your design might perform under real-world conditions. Explore ideas, iterate and innovate with unprecedented speed early to your design process with Creo Simulate Live. Intuitive and entire upfront simulation tools to validate concepts. Guided workflows, optimization tools, and established Ansys solvers deliver correct results and design insights. Creo Simulate Live removes the barriers between CAD and CAE design to create a single unified modeling and simulation environment.

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Creo Simulate Live removes the barriers between CAD and CAE design to create a single unified modeling and simulation environment.


Creo Live Simulation Capabilities

  • Human factor analysis
  • Fatigue analysis
  • Mold filling analysis
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Mechanism dynamics
  • Transient thermal analysis
  • Non-linear thermal analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Pre-stress analysis
  • Finite element modeling idealizations
  • Large deformation analysis
  • Contact analysis
  • Design optimization
  • Stead state thermal analysis
  • Model and buckling analysis
  • Results display and reporting
  • Automatic meshing
  • Non-linear analysis
  • Static structural analysis
  • Finite element analysis for parts and assemblies

PTC Creo 7.0 introduces Fluid Flow Simulation Software to Creo Simulation Live Plus. Built specifically for designers, the software gives you real-time fluid flow, thermal, structural, and modal simulation competencies at once integrated inside your Creo environment.

  • Fluid Domain Creation
  • External Flow
  • Internal Flow
  • Results Display and Interactive Probes
  • Fluid Flow and Temperature Simulations
  • Streamlines, cut planes, particles and Direction Field

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With Creo Simulation Live designers receive design guidance using the following capabilities:

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With Creo Simulation live technology plays structural, thermal, and modal simulation analysis on 3D CAD designs in seconds. Created especially for design engineers, the analysis updates dynamically in real-time as you edit, create new features, or change properties.

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