simulation & Analysis

PTC’S Simulation Software Capabilities

Real-time Simulation

Obtain results in seconds for parts and assemblies directly in the modeling Environment

Finite Element Analysis for Parts & Assemblies

Understand the response of your design when subjected to various loading conditions Integrated seamlessly with the Creo 3D CAD environment

Static Structural Analysis

Determine accurate stresses, strains and displacements in your product

Finite Element Modeling Idealizations

Solids, Shells and Beams, Springs and Masses,Welds and Fasteners

Automatic Meshing

Create accurate meshes directly on 3D CAD geometry and follow highly detailed and curved geometry precisely.

Results Display & Reporting

Full results post-processing including contour, isosurface, cross section plots, and 2D graphs & Create and save animated plot.

Modal & Buckling Analysis

Determine natural frequency modes of vibration

Fatigue Analysis

Life of components subjected to multiple varying loads where the peak stress is below the material yield stress.

Mold Filling Analysis

Evaluation, revision, and validation of a mold to ensure it can produce a plastic part correctly the first time.

Steady State Thermal Analysis

Simulate the effects of temperature on a product & Analyze conduction and convection heat transfer

Design Optimization

Reduce product costs by optimizing your design to meet multiple objectives, such as maintaining a product’s strength while reducing its weight and Save time by automatically iterating your design

Contact Analysis

Simulate the forces transferred between components when they come into contact

Advanced Finite Element Idealizations

Composite shells, Non-linear springs (force-deflection curve) Cracks, fracture mechanics, Weighted links

Nonlinear Materials & Large Deformation

Easily define elasto-plastic materials and hyper-elastic materials Perform nonlinear static structural analysis

Dynamic and Pre-Stress Analysis

Dynamic structural analysis of time response, frequency response, randomresponse, and response spectrum.

Transient and Nonlinear Thermal Analysis

Temperature dependent convections, Radiation heat transfer

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With Creo Simulation you get instant feedback on your design decisions in your CAD environment & you no longer have to guess at how your design might perform under real-world conditions.