The issues you face change every year. Thus, PTC updates its PTC Creo 3D CAD software yearly. Creo Parametric 9.0 focuses on customer-driven improvements, tools that boost collaboration, accelerate innovation, and substitute facts for presumptions.

Here’s what we’re excited to bring you What’s in Creo 9:

Usability and Productivity

Model tree management is now simpler than ever, and new processes for MBD, simulation, geometry development, and appearance assignment are made possible by a new divided surfaces function. Improvements have been made to Sketcher, Multibody, Freestyle, and ECAD to make your daily tasks easier and more efficient.

Numerous improvements have been made to control, modify, and comprehend the model tree easily.

  • A new toolbar in the tree provides faster access and a more transparent design purpose.
  • The design tree has been improved for better visibility and more context.
  • Features in custom groups support grouped objects and grouped commands.
  • You can more easily pass over to other engineers and comprehend the evolution of your geometry with the help of a quilt/body evolution tree.
  • The INSERT command facilitates multibody processes and streamlines tree-centric design operations.

Divide Surfaces

MBD can leverage the new Divide and Unify surface functionality. It can benefit from aesthetic rendering, simulation load zones, engraving, generative design load, and constraint surfaces.

Simplified and effective Freestyle brushes for cutting-edge surfacing

Freestyle additions comprise the following:

  • A Brush tool to operate the control mesh.
  • A Mirror function based on the established datum plane.

Design for Ergonomics (Manikin and Vision)

People are not all the same size or shape. You can consider user uniqueness using Creo Ansys Simulation.

Manikin proportions that can be customized.

Wider? Taller? Manikin sizes may be changed, and designs can be made more user-friendly, safe, and conducive to interaction with people.

Enhanced manipulation of the manikin.

This one is excellent for determining whether safety regulations are being followed. The user interface makes controlling Manikins simpler. You may also identify and analyze differences between real and intended objectives.

A goal for more ergonomically sound design.

If the steering wheel obscures the dashboard, what use is it? Now you can assess sightlines to guarantee performance and security. Perfect for the camera, display, and Manikin analysis.

Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Detailing Advancements

Creo Simulation Live gives you MBD tools that deliver clarity with minimal effort. MBD Symbols now meet ASME/ISO requirements, giving downstream users additional information. Weld symbols and hatch patterns simplify detailing.

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