What is CAD?

Computer-aided design (CAD) refers to computers being used to assist the design process in all sorts of industries. With CAD software, it’s possible to build a way to digitally create 2D drawings and 3D models of the real world products before they are manufactured. With 3D CAD an entire model, you can share, review, simulate, and modify designs easily, opening doors to innovative and differentiated products that get faster to market.

In 1985 Dr. Samuel Geisberg formed Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC) and defined a radically new approach for 3D CAD software. This innovation produced the first parametric, and feature-based solid modeling CAD software in the market, which today is known as PTC Creo, the industry standard for product design and development 3DCAD Software.

More than 30 years later, the product development industry is starting to adopt the next motion of technology innovation, as so many other industries already have. 

Professional 3D CAD Product Design & Development Solutions

Create, analyze, view, and share product designs by using 2D and 3D CAD, parametric and direct modeling software capabilities.


Creo parametric 3D modeling software provides the maximum scalable range of 3D CAD product improvement packages & tools in today’s market. Create, design, and innovate with Creo. With interesting new technology are changing the arena of product design. Design faster and smarter through connecting your digital design to your physical products. The 3D design makes your existence as a product designer less difficult and faster, giving you extra time and electricity to commit to optimizing your product. Creo 7.0 has leap forward innovations inside the areas of generative design, real-time simulation, multibody design, additive manufacturing, IoT, Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Augmented Reality (AR). Try today PTC Creo 3D CAD software or contact PTC Creo Reseller.

Creo Simulation Live

With Creo Simulation Live technology plays structural, thermal, and modal simulation analysis on 3D CAD designs in seconds. Created especially for design engineers, the analysis updates dynamically in real-time as you edit, create new features, or change properties. Instantaneous Simulation Results as Models Are Designed and Edited. With Creo Simulation Live, you get instant results on your design layout selections in your CAD environment as you work. Creo Simulate Live removes the barriers between CAD and CAE design to create a single unified modeling and simulation environment. Try today PTC Creo Simulation live software or contact PTC Creo Reseller.